TM1 Carbon

TM1 Carbon


Introducing the Samox TM1, a carbon crankset meticulously designed to be light and stiff enough for XC, but strong enough enduro racing. Available in sizes from 145mm to 170mm, the TM1 strikes the perfect balance between lightweight performance and rugged durability for riders of all sizes. And by maintaining a careful balance between real world, tested durability and forward-thinking design, Samox focuses on their products’ performance so rider’s can focus on riding. Backed by a lifetime warranty guarantee, TM1 riders can push their limits though the most intense rides and races.

*Chainring sold separately

MaterialCarbon Fiber
Weight378g (160mm)


Durability First

From our first product design meeting through testing and finally into production, durability and strength are the top priorities. The TM1s have been ridden, raced and pushed in the real world and in our labs to ensure we hit the right balance of rugged durability and performance.

Sizes for All

Nobody – short, tall, young or old – should be riding bikes or components that don’t fit. Comfort, speed, safety are all increased when you have the right size parts. This is why make a wide range of sizes in the TM1 starting as small as 145mm.

Designed to Look Good

We emphasize durability in our design above all else, but we also know our cranks need to look good as they perform. The TM1s classic design and modern graphics are meant to work with all components, colors and bikes to improve your appearance as well as performance.


No questions asked lifetime warranty on TM1 cranks.


Crank Length

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BB Style

Chainring Mounting